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" Great conference, great speakers, well done"

"Great event, very thought provoking. Good mix of content and presentation styles"

“I’d love to have had all of my management team at this conference”

“The BRC provide the perfect conference- speakers of the highest quality, great location, good quality delegates, all in just one day out of the office”

“Excellent insight, good speakers and a well organised event. Key for anyone involved in retail”

“I found the conference very useful, as it had a practical focus often left out from other conference of this type”




Tony Stockil, CEO

“The ‘omni-channel’ challenge is morphing into the bigger and more strategic ‘digital’ challenge as retailers adopt the best characteristics of digital enterprises.  For many the scale of this transformation is daunting, requiring new skills, new systems, much better use of data across the business.  And all of this at a time when increased (mainly digital) competition and margin compression are forcing retailers to re-think their offer and supply chains and become both more proprietary and lower cost.  For some, in these turbulent times, these challenges represent great threats. For others it offers opportunities to reinvent their industry and competitive model for lasting advantage.

At the Conference I will be joined by a host of thought leaders from major UK retailers who will share their experience of building digitally-oriented businesses. I hope you will join me for what is sure to be a worthwhile use of your valuable time.”


- Adapting Business Skills and Leadership to the Evolving Consumer

- Exploring a Journey of Digital Transformation

- Putting the Customer in the Driving Seat

- Creating Personalised Experiences

- Building Bridges to Create New Moments in the Customer Journey

- Omni-channel Fulfilment Strategies

- Digital Disruption- What’s Next?


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